Before, During & After Requisite Girl-y-fication
Part Deux
(Point mouse over image to see "After" photos. Scroll down for more)

I used the leftover paint from my living room job. I would have liked to have had a different color to
create "depth" as Scott suggested, but (a) I had the leftover paint; and (b) I couldn't decide on just what color.
It's visible from the living room, so the yellow seemed a logical, economical choice.

So, the bluish-gray backsplash and cheap, dull cabinets are next. They both need to be primed.
Is there a primer that serves as paint as well, or is it always a two-step process?

So, the wicker thing was extremely dimensionally appropriate in
my old apartment's bathroom and is now extremely utilitarian in my current
New York apartment's kitchen (Read: no counters, no cabinets, no drawers).

Question: O
nce I paint my cabinets white, do I paint the wicker thing or
find something more kitchen appropriate and just stick the wicker in my bedroom closet?

My God, the checks line up perfectly, but all I can see are those
horrid, horrid cabinets! Hmm, guess what I'm doing next Saturday.

I am terrible at taking "before" photos. I've got plenty of "after". This is a nice
"after" photo of the other side of the kitchen. Notice the 1/3 size counter next
to the fridge. Nice. Big. Lots going on there. That's Paquita's wee wee pad.
I feel very "mom-like" saying "wee wee pad". It's really just a hospital pad for
the incontinent. Which brings us to our next question:

Should I paint that microwave cart seen on the right? If so, what color?

After all the painting and tile-cutting, I can't feel my thumb.
Sorry, Christian, I know you've been away for five days, but I got restless.