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Baking Soda Chrome Cleaner

So, I’m guessing everyone reading this already knew that baking soda cleans chrome like new.


I just learned this today and am now looking for anything and everything with a shiny surface to scrub!

Okay, so I received my birthday gift to myself in the mail today. A vintage Swing-A-Way ice crusher in avocado green exactly like the one we had when I was a kid. It’s really forĀ Christian Finnegan, because he likes to chomp ice which his dentist said is a no-no. I used ours every Saturday & Sunday morning & sprinkled Kool-Aid powder on the ice to make a trailer trash sno-cone.

The one I won on Ebay came with a very stubborn strip of adhesive from old masking tape, probably from a garage sale. It was STUCK like concrete and plaster. A quick Google search told me that the metal was chrome and to use baking soda to polish it. Well, sure, but what about that strip of plaster? See for yourself!



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