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    May 13, 2003

    So, Urban Cowboy is closing Sunday and I’ve got more free tickets for each performance Thursday through Sunday. Since I know you’re dying to go, I’ll earmark two for the first person to email me. Just make sure you actually can use them. Come on, it’s fun and FREE!

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    May 10, 2003

    The day after another hugely successful Tex in the City event, I just want to grab random people on the street and hug them and kiss them and dry hump them. I walk with a bounce, but not one of those bounces that makes my pony tail swing back and forth. No, I hate that and want to rip those offending pony tails out by their bloody roots and get them DNA-tested for the “You Annoy the Hell Out of Me” gene so we can prevent these gene carriers from reproducing.

    But I walk with a jaunty spring in my step. I smile and bite my lower lip and don’t stop when I know I’ve been caught by a passer by. I laugh out loud and sing stupid songs with the lyrics all wrong and say “Mornin’ fellas!” to construction workers and policemen. And if a guy makes a lewd comment about my Pa-Dunk-a-Dunk trunk, I say, “Thanks!” I flash my big Texas smile and the sun reflects off my left canine tooth and goes, “Trrrlllink”.

    I love my friends. That means you and you and I even love my Amish ones that don’t blog like Heidi and Scott and Sheila. And I love the new friends I’ve made like Ken and Keith. Even though it’s too early to say “I love you,” I’m going to say it anyway and you don’t even have to say it back because I feel that good, and I don’t need silly affirmations to know that you love me too even though you’re too afraid to admit it you big old scaredy cat.

    Oh sure, the *FREE* producer’s seats for last night’s production of Urinetown the Musical and my *FREE* dinner courtesy of the managers at Dallas BBQ were great, but seeing our friend Charlie Pollock give an outstanding performance and then be such a gracious, courteous Southern Boy to all of our Tex in the City guests, well, I just want to wrap myself in saran wrap and slide down a Slip ‘N Slide with baby oil all over me because that just sounds so outrageously fun the way my insides feel. Come on, let’s do it!

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    Apr 29, 2003

    On the way to lunch Jack asked, “Do you need a jacket, or, say, a bra?”

    Yes, Spring has arrived and the folks here in Rockefeller Center think that it needs to be –30 degrees in the office so we worker bees don’t nod off at our desks after a big lunch. My nipples (Eek! I said “nipples”!) are like diamonds. They could cut glass. Glass, I tell ya! All the women of New York look so scandalous. Sluts.*

    Hey, speaking of sluts, Sex and the City was filming in front of Saks today. So, while I waited for Greg to arrive for our Tex in the City production meeting, I watched from the comfort of my conference room the elaborate orchestration unfold as Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall did a few takes. All I have to say is, “I could do that . . . cheaper.” The final season premieres on my birthday. I think I’ll throw a party. Wanna come?

    Hey, speaking of Tex in the City, the producers of Urinetown the Musical have agreed to cross promote our new 4: Your Consideration Art Series. The official launch is May 8th and you, gentle reader, are invited to join us. Go to Dallas BBQ for pre-theater dinner and drinks at 50% off (!), see the musical for $60 (!), then stick around to join our friend Charlie Pollock in a “talk back” at the theater. Ask him questions, get his autograph, whatever, just be there or be square. If you can’t make it May 8th, the discount code is good through July 6th (excluding Saturday night performances), so don’t miss this Tony Award winning show. Got it? Good! Email me with any questions or visit www.texinthecity.com for more information.

    *Excluding me and the bag lady on 57th & 7th. Thankyouverymuch.

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    I Want To Be a Producer!

    This afternoon I met with a Broadway producer. I was reminded why I’m so glad to be out of banking and in the entertainment business when…

    …he accidentally said Tex in the Titty and nobody blushed.
    …vibrators and sex workshops were a legitimate part of discussions.
    …he hugged me goodbye.

    I never got that kind of return from stock options.

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    The Past Rears its Ugly Hair

    So I just hung up from a phone interview with the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. I don’t want to count chickens before they hatch, but it seems our Tex in the City story might be featured in an article in the coming weeks. Yippie Kai Yay! I have no idea if that’s how to spell “yippie kai yay” or why that’s even a phrase in my vocabulary. The reporter is a true gem and was able to make me admit what an 80s chick I was with the big hair and such. She might use photos from our yearbook. Eeek! Ms. Reporter, please see my August 18th and October 5th entries and have pity on a young entrepreneur.

    O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum, Wie treu sind deine Blätter.
    The Tree is in place. Work will not be the same until January 7, 2003. Wish me luck.

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    Oct 27, 2002

    I took Paquita to Greg’s place so he and I could have a work session and she and Mona could have a play date. Mona is the cutest Yorkshire Terrier that belongs to Greg’s friend Robert and is the exact same size as Paquita. To watch those two relating to each other for the first time, then finally relaxing enough to enjoy each other was really cute. I taught Greg Dreamweaver and we both learned how to make a shopping cart on www.texinthecity.com for cabaret ticket purchases. I’m so proud of the work we did till 1:00 in the morning! All this while the dogs ran each other ragged. I realized how horny Paquita really is. All she wanted was to be boarded. She kept scooting her butt into position for Mona, but Mona wanted none of that. I do the same thing. I wonder if she learned by watching me? How embarrassing. :-)~

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    Life is a Cabaret, My Friends!

    I’ll give you three guesses where my boss had drinks tonight. He went with two friends that actually invited li’l old me. I couldn’t go, though, since the Cabaret is only two weeks away and there are things to do, places to go, people to see! Have you purchased your advance tickets yet? Did I tell you Andra Mitrovich is the featured performer?

    Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh?
    “A light heart carries you through all the hard times.” Oh Confucious, you wise old devil. So good of you to point it out. How did you know? By the way, thanks for letting me know that my lucky numbers are 3, 7, 17, 37, 41, 45. Wise indeed.

    I’m #1, I’m #1!
    As I was leaving work yesterday, a middle-aged, heavy guy wearing headphones pointed at me and said, “YOU are the one!”

    Damn straight!