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>Guess what?

>I am not getting married and am not giving birth any time soon, but my MOM is coming to visit! Longtime readers can attest that this is a rare, nay, a once in a lifetime occurance. Mark your calendars, people…this will be a week to live in infamy. On our agenda will include a walking tour of Central Park — the conservatory and zoo, the Mall (As seen in When Harry Met Sally — I hope the leaves will be in full color), Wollman Rink (As seen in Serendipity), Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, the Boathouse, um…what else…my lord that park is big for such a small island! What a wonderful gift! We’ll also hit Our Name is Mud, maybe see 700 Sundays (although being deaf, I’m not sure she’ll enjoy it if she can’t hear it or read Billy Crystal’s lips, so I’ll have to work on getting extra special tickets), have lunch with Jack, and just generally explore the city. It will be her first real trip to NYC as the first/last time she came was with four women (two of whom are also deaf) for only three days in the bitter cold of February. She’ll really get a taste for city life this time since she’ll be at a more relaxed pace and with me as her personal guide. I can’t wait!

Changing gears, Team America was HYSTERICALLY FUNNY! Just ask the loud ass tranny behind us. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a movie ever. EVER. Notably, Trey Parker has a surprisingly conservative political viewpoint. Who knew?