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A MEMOIR by Kambri Crews
(Random House)

An unflinching, emotional memoir by the hearing daughter of two deaf parents, about the rampant dysfunction of her rural Texas childhood and the searing violence that left her father serving a twenty-year prison sentence. Click here for reviews. Click here to read a free excerpt.

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Christian Finnegan’s AU CONTRAIRE!
(Available in DVD or CD formats)

A full hour of sarcasm and snark, would probably be pretty grating. Thankfully, Finnegan has more to offer than that. You won’t hear any celebrity names during Au Contraire! (unless you count American Idol contestant “Temptress”). You also won’t get a physical comic flying around the stage or a bomb-throwing satirist.

Finnegan’s target for this hour of comedy (well, 41 minutes with commercials) is more often than not himself. He’s an introspective observationalist who is intimidated by his father-in-law (who happens to be in prison for attempted murder), who defends the sense of personal accomplishment video games provide, and who was once ostracized for wearing a Def Leppard t-shirt and shorts with piping (that’s right, he said piping) to his fifth grade field day. And Au Contraire is as smooth and solid as Finnegan’s vest and tie.

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