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>Today I slept in till 9:30 thanks to a lot of drinking with Joe & Kevin and for a short time, Scott.

Then I got my usual two large coffees (regular) and chocolate covered donuts, let Maybelline out of her crate and got to work. I swear Maybelline is the best bunny in the land o’ bunnies. She doesn’t chew on wires, goes to her crate to make poo and pee, loves my dog…why did her owner take the cat but not Maybelline after we rescued them in NOLA? I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But back to the work, I started sending out this this press release for Hilarilogues, a new one man show (sort of) starring Andres du Bouchet. Did lots of boring web work and entry/organization of my multiple databases and, wow, where does the time go?

Since I’ve seen Christian for only 16 hours in the last two weeks, we’re meeting for a late dinner at our favorite tiny eatery. So tiny it seats only 18 people and is aptly named L’il Bistro 33. Yum. He got back from a gig in Delaware but went straight in to the VH1 offices to tape some bits for this Friday’s Best Week Ever. Christian has been traveling like a suitcase, so he hasn’t been on the show much. I miss seeing his mug all over my tee vee when I’m home on Friday nights after my boo hoo session with Amy Grant’s Three Gut Wrenchingly Sad Yet Happy Wishes.

Tomorrow’s benefit at Gotham is sold out…over sold actually…all 400+ seats. So I’m sorry if you were hoping to buy tickets at the door because you’re going to be turned away. There’s always next time.