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After I had drinks with a marketing friend, I hopped a cab to Lolita Bar to see Liam‘s weekly show Tell Your Friends. Lolita Bar is a really cute space on Broome & Allen and I enjoyed seeing all the clever costumes. Not being decked out in Halloween garb made me feel really square. Like an middle aged man traveling on business and hanging out at a bar where he sticks out like a geeky sore thumb.

I was there to catch the show and, in particular, Becky Donohue. I haven’t seen her in quite a while and she and I had much catching up to do. Much to my delight, A Brief View of the Hudson, a folk rock duo, opened the show. What a wonderful sound they have. They played two songs before Best Week Ever writer Chris Deluca took the stage, then Best Week Ever talking head Pete Holmes performed, then Becky. After her set, we headed to the bar upstairs and caught up on mostly business. She has a great site that hasn’t been updated in a very long while. I hope she starts it up again.

She and I are both gabbers so by the time I hopped into another cab headed to the Village, I missed much of the parade. But no matter…it was a beautiful night in the city and I enjoyed seeing some old friends and meeting new ones.

I got tickets to tonight’s Colbert Report taping thanks to my friend Julie with the AP. Christian’s friend Eric writes for the show, so we’re hoping to bypass the long check-in line. I have only caught snippets of the show and have heard mixed reviews about it so I’m not sure what to expect.

Off to see a special performance of Lestat which previews March 2006.