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>I made a couple of hundred bucks, ate like a Queen (Bobby Flay’s Mesa is mmm mmm good) and had an absolute blast in Vegas. One highlight was beating this young, cocky dude at two separate hands of Texas Hold ‘Em. Both times he didn’t believe I had anything. Both times he was wrong. Both times I doubled my chip count.

We didn’t get hitched like we pacted, although we came very close. Bottom line was it would have excluded many of our bestest friends while including just a random assortment of aqcuaintances and a good friend or two, none which were Jerry Seinfeld or Drew Carey.

For anyone Vegas bound you must, must, must go to the Imperial Palace and be dealt Blackjack by the Dealertainers. Our dealers included a bitter old queen dressed as “Little Richard” and a very vivacious and perky “Dolly Parton”. At 8:00, the dealing stopped and a parade of Dealertainers came through the casino and put on a hilarious show. “Tina Turner”, “Gwen Stefani” and our very own “Little Richard” were our treat. Words cannot describe how awesome it all was. Go. Laugh. Win.

We came home to a cold as ice apartment. The drafty chill made me feel like I was getting sick but the worst didn’t come until AFTER we had our second annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Rainbow Room. It’s nice dressing up and taking a private car to have someone else feed you turkey and fresh pork and anything else your heart desires. We got another photo, but my scanner is broken. You’ll have to wait to see the so-so photo of us post stuffing, smiling too big.

After dinner, we enjoyed a cocktail at the bar where I found someone’s Nikon Coolpix 4800. It was closing time and the pics are of tourists, so I brought it home in hopes of tracking them down. Luckily they have photos of themselves pre-NYC visit which includes a photo of them in front of a realty sign with phone numbers. Bingo. I’m meeting them later to make the drop.

We came home to find we caught Smitty the mouse in our no-kill trap. We set him free outside but not before I snapped a few photos of his scared, tiny little self cowering in the back of our contraption. We re-set the trap in case Smitty has friends and, sure enough, this morning Smitty’s bigger and much less scared friend was clamoring to be set free. Good riddance and all but it’s so cold outside, I hope they’re okay.