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>My new scanner is getting some hot action. I’ve scanned in Christian’s Redbook blurb, his mention in Cindy Adams’ column and his Endquote in Page Six.

Tomorrow is the Penthouse party. I scoured the net for some images from parties past to see what attire would be best. I concluded that anything goes, from a short denim skirt and boots to an evening gown to anything in between. So I’ve got a sparkly top and cream color slacks set aside which as the hours tick by seems less and less enticing the more I examine my pasty skin and crusty nose and fat butt and damn I’m ugly I can’t possibly go to this party what the hell am I thinking of course I’m going hell no I’m not I need to go to the gym why did I eat that pint of ice cream and half a large pizza last night?

As of this minute, I’m going.