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>Rachel hand-freaking-knitted the most adorable sweater for Paquita (new nickname: Pa-cutie). Check it out. I can’t believe people can be so crafty with a ball of yarn and a couple of sticks. Thanks, Rachel!

Um, what else…I very much enjoyed Brokeback Mountain and King Kong and will be seeing Capote (with the director present…cool!) this weekend. Those three are just a tip of the movie iceburg and, unfortunately, now that the holidays are over I don’t have time to dilly dally in a dark theater. I gots to get to work! Much of today was spent working on Christian’s MySpace profile. I converted it from a person to a band so we can add his performance dates and then I plugged in his college tour dates. Now too much time is being spent trying to figure out why his comments column isn’t lined up properly. ARGH! CSS CODE!