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>More details are emerging on my free Dublin trip. We’ll be taping segments at the Guinness Storehouse, a 250 year old operation founded by Arthur Guinness. A historian will be interviewed for a portion of the taping who will also give us a private tour of the facilities. I’ve heard the Storehouse is really interesting and a “Must See” on the list of stuff to do while in Dublin. Other than that, I have no idea what will occupy our time. A literary pub crawl sounds good, and a castle or two perhaps.

I’ve been “detoxing” since the new year. No booze, sugar of all kinds or carbs (other than ones found in veggies, meat & low-fat dairy) and am really feeling the benefits. Why? I found myself *absent-mindedly* eating an entire pizza or big canister of pringles washed down with a whole crapload of wine. Working from home has its dangers in that regard. I would just grab whatever was handy. So, I cleaned out the cupboards and went grocery shopping. Crazy, right? By the time I get to Dublin, maybe I’ll be cleaned out enough to indulge in a pint.

There was a day or two in the first week of detox where I felt lethargic and cranky, but overall it’s been fairly easy. Thankfully, I happen to really love veggies and meat and dairy. My goal is to make it thru next Tuesday when I’ll start eating fruit again and slowly re-introduce whole grains back into my diet. And popcorn. Damn, I want me some popcorn during all these flicks I’m watching.

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