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>Attending Saturday Night Live was a load of fun and little did I know, my girlyfriend Heidi had never before attended a television show taping. (Her going to a Dr. Ruth Westheimer show nearly 15 yrs ago doesn’t count.) I was stunned as this woman is always out doing / seeing something, so I am doubly glad I asked her to go.

If you stayed up late enough, you may have caught the sketch that almost was a complete disaster. Peter Sarsgaard was in a hotel room and couldn’t find his remote to turn off the annoying hotel service channel that kept repeating for hours on end. At one point he hits the tv out of frustration which made the tv shut off. It was NOT supposed to shut off! They had to cut to Rachel Dratch while someone fixed the problem. The rehearsal version was really hilarious but knowing live television was going horribly wrong was even better. Clay Aiken was in the audience. Odd.** And Drew Barrymore did a surprise little pop in during Weekend Update. Heidi was over the moon.

**For all the Clay Aiken fans (holy cow, he’s popular) coming to check out my account of last night. Clay was at rehearsal not at the actual on air show. I found it odd that he was in the rafter seating and didn’t manage to get a better seat. If you want more dirt, vote for my boyfriend, comedian Christian Finnegan (VH1’s Best Week Ever, Chappelle’s Show), in Comedy Central’s Stand Up Showdown and help bring him up in the rankings. Then I’ll spill the dirt on who he was with. I gotta milk this attention while it lasts! =)

The NY Post ran the story on the alternative comedy scene in the Pulse! section and featured my Ballyhoo Promotions’ client Andres du Bouchet and his long running, always funny Giant Tuesday Night. Read the article titled Inside Jokers by Mandy Stadtmiller here.

I’ve gotta contact Clay’s publicist. The boy is wildly popular!