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>A big meeting with Comedy Central is under the belt and our trip to Dublin is that much closer to being finalized. Oh boy, I can’t wait!

I’ve spent much of the day working on my Jailed Deaf Dad project. I think I’ve settled on a name, Love, Daddy, because no matter how vile and racist, demanding and bitter or sad and lonely they are, that’s how he always signs his letters. For the header I’ve got a scan of an actual letter. Click it for a larger view:

I know it could be much better…I’m not totally jazzed about any of it**, so any ideas are appreciated and encouraged. I spent too much time scanning and futzing with his signature and not enough time actually getting down to the business of writing. I do alright, but oh, if only I were one of those infinitely talented web/graphic design slash writer/journalistic types.

**Okay, Christian just saw my blog template with the above header and he loves it. What the hell?

Maybe y’all can help me with some FAQs? Please? Here’s a few to start:

Why is he deaf and why aren’t you?
Why is he in jail?
Is he guilty?
Do you know sign language?