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>I just set up my new laptop and lord almighty this is the best free thing I’ve ever gotten in my whole life. I’ll be up till sunrise putzing around with this new baby.

I finally am able to capture video from my fancy little Sony video camera for your viewing pleasure. So, here are four videos from way back when I was in New Orleans with my good friend Keith helping with the whole animal rescue and recovery efforts post-Katrina.

The beat up old mama dog and her adorable little babies that will appear on Puppy Bowl Super Bowl Sunday on Animal Planet.
The deer I hand fed & the newborn calf and her mom and the calf’s first steps.
The teeny weeny baby kittens we fed formula via syringe (being fed by others in this clip).
The puppy I trained to sit, shake and lie down. (In this clip he has mastered “sit” and we’re working on “shake”.)

Look for video of Christian Finnegan in his newsletter and his website and my other clients on

Speaking of Christian, on tonight’s Best Week Ever, Paris Hilton admitted she has watched the pop culture hit show which made me cringe a little. Not that I care about Ms. Hilton or anything, but I know that Christian has wished her dead — in jest, of course — in many ways on the show.