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>All the Ballyhoo Promotions / Tex in the City Oscar Viewing Party pics are loaded. ALL 34 of them! My digital camera battery died so we used disposable cameras, hence the lame quality of some of the scans but they’re decent pics overall. You can tell we were having fun and everyone there was really into the awards so it wasn’t annoying trying to hear the winner or acceptance speeches.

Christian got me tickets to The Price is Right for every single tape day that I’m there. COOL! Except that it’s an all day affair. No exaggeration, it’s a 5:00 AM 5:00 PM kind of thing. So, it looks like I’ll only make one attempt at Coming on Down. I had a terrific idea for how to get on the show: Christian proposes marriage to me in line. Great, right? Sure fire, no? Christian won’t do it. Chicken.

Gonna call the whole thing off, now.