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Jimmy Kimmel Live was fun last night. I played Galaga in the green room and had one of the best games of my life. Awesome. Drank free wine, chatted with a one of the producers and enjoyed the music of Hard Fi. Randy Jackson looked great and did you know he used to play guitar for Journey?!?! Janet Reno is something else. What an awesome woman.

After everyone cleared out I danced on the Jimmy Kimmel stage and did a very poor “Sprinkler” move.

Afterwards we had even more wine at the Burgundy room where I chatted with the guy who books all the musical acts for Kimmel. That’s a fun gig, I’m guessing. All that wine did me no good this morning so I bailed on dinner tonight with Sarah.

And I finally decided to return the schmancy blue dress in favor of something I can wear more than once. Before I left for the store, I twirled around in it one last time.