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>UPDATE: Christian’s set will air this Monday night, April 10th!

Christian Finnegan, my oft talked about client and fiance, will be on Comedy Central tonight when they re-air his 1/2 hour special, Comedy Central Presents: Christian Finnegan, tonight during Stand Up Nation with Greg Giraldo beginning at 9:00 PM EST. Still no word on when his appearance on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson will air.

Last night I had great fun with my Tex in the City friends Kevin & Scott. At one point Scott & I ended up with Scott’s boyfriend Brian at a divey gay bar in the village. The bar was playing “post office”, which is a really fun, clever idea for anyone wanting to have a singles “meet & greet” type party or fundraiser. Basically, everyone who wants to participate wears a sticker with a number on it. Anyone can write a letter to anyone else by writing a note with that person’s number and giving it to the mailman. You have the option of signing it with your number or leaving it anonymous. The mailman then delivers the mail to the recipient who then reads your note and so on. You get the idea.

I was the only girl there but wanted to play, so I wrote our bartender (#69, heh heh), “You are so hot, I need two glasses of water to cool me off. Oh, and a pinot grigio when you have a second.” He thought it was funny and I got my drinks faster than I would have. Soon, I too had mail. It was from #69, “How hot r you under all those clothes! Don’t be shy, take that jacket off.” Mwah. Flirting with gay men is the best.

Finally caught Paquita & Maybelline on tape but Paquita is too conscious of my presence.