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>Wire Image covered the event last night. Here’s my & Mandy’s pic. Sorry, you have to be a member to view it and, well, it doesn’t look like it’s the best one of me anyway so I’ll leave it teeny weeny. Don LaFontaine, Alan Kalter, Joan Baker and the rest of the amazing voice talent were so gracious and truly interested in sharing and helping.

Most of the audience had never been to the museum and were there because they wanted to be in the voice over business. I, of course, love the museum so was thrilled to see so many new people there. And even though I have zero interest in doing voice overs, I found the event informative and fun. Alan Kalter, despite being known as the voice for David Letterman, is a comedian in his own right. Throughout his hosting duties, he was quick on his feet and hilarious and afterwards, kind and effusive.

Visit and search for Joan Baker in the caption for all the pics from the evening.