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>Hilarilogues with Andres du Bouchet last night was his best solo show yet. He had the crowd from the get go and clearly benefitted from the skillful direction of Michael Bernard. The Q&A was really fun and well moderated by Tex in the City producer Scott Ramsey. Scott is really great at leading conversations…much better than that dude at the AMMI. We had a talent manager, a Comedy Central talent director, a bunch of authors, an accomplished actress, and so many more talented people there in support of Andres. Congratulations to him!

Our party, show & Q&A were recommended in AM New York, but I never got a copy. Anyone have it?

I’m meeting Livia Scott today regarding her show, Goodnight, O.J., which is appearing in the same festival. I’ve helped her with PR in the past and hope I can do so now…she’s really terrific, nice, talented — so many good words come to mind — and, from what I’ve heard, this show brings out elements in her that I’m sure her fans have never seen.

Afterwards, I head over to my interview with the Villager regarding Love, Daddy. It really is small potatoes when compared to this insane Meow Mix House frenzy. Besides the Daily News & Post stories today, CNN is coming by, Julie Chen is working out a time, Regis was chatting about it, and on and on and on.

I’m thrilled to have had a part of this project but even more psyched about the bottle of Dom Perignon that Tom Shillue had delivered to me as a thank you for referring him for the job! Top notch dude, that Shillue. Keith and I are going to drink it Saturday night to celebrate a job well done save for about 10 minutes when Keith will have an interview with some news group in Australia. Hope the champagne doesn’t go straight to his head!