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>Here’s a clip of Christian Finnegan, Sherrod Small & Jessica St. Clair of Best Week Ever on The Today Show on June 23rd.

Last night’s “The Drink at Work Show” was Standing Room Only! Yes, inish caps required for how awesome the show was. I was a little worried considering the well established shows “Eating It” (with its nice write up by my pal Mandy in the NY Post which included two name checks for Christian, one in the lede, even) and “Tell Your Friends (with its Gothamist plug) were also last night.

But the crowd was there and God saw that it was good so he gave me two free drink tickets and $10 to perform. Rock. My new piece was a bastardized version of a few things plus newly written material which will all be posted over at Love, Daddy. One day I hope to have memorized some of this stuff as reading just isn’t as fun as performing. But, well, when you write it a day before it hardly leaves room for that now does it? Yes, times are busy. I also had just come from FOUR hours at the dentist and a nearly two hour interview with the Observer, so my mouth was a little numb and sore and weird feeling and my teeth felt like dominoes.

Christian assured me it was good but I think he was just horny. I chose to believe him and God saw that it was good and gave Christian a blow job.