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>StoryCorps was great fun in a “we’re doing something interesting and kind of potentially historical here” kind of way. Interviewing Christian about his brother Bobby who died five years ago at such a young age is hardly “fun”. It’s as much fun as Christian asking me to relive the night I stopped my dad from killing my mom. But there were plenty of laughs and fun stories, too, and no tears were shed although we came close.

Afterwards we enjoyed a most scrumptious meal at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in Grand Central Terminal where the StoryCorps booth is also located. We took a cab home with plenty of time to join all our neighbors on our rooftop where I thumped Finny in Gin Rummy (nothing new) and we watched a pretty lame fireworks presentation. (Read where Christian waxes poetic about how all fireworks suck.)

In the category of Who Gives a Flying Fuck: My annoying blog project is complete! Now they’re stored on Blogger, all on one template and entries are easily searchable. Deleting the other manual HTML template freed up tons of storage space, too.

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