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>Prickly heat be damned, I’m looking fine. Turns out the salicylic acid found in my Neutrogena Clean & Clear is the perfect remedy. Save for a few pesky spots on my bum and elbows, you can’t even tell I was an itchy, bumpy red tomato yesterday. Whew!

I treated the Deafies to a tour of the AMMI, my second trip in less than a week after treating my pal xiphoidprocess and her punkin to a trip there last Sunday. I really do love that place and I’m surprised at how I continue to find new and fascinating things there despite my numerous visits. After some gift exchanging and picture taking, they left for more touristy jaunts. Today is Risa’s birthday, so they’ll have a nice dinner in Little Italy before humping back to Midtown for drinks with us.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna shower, primp and relax with a TPIR re-run before the drink-a-thon begins.

Anybody else worried about Bob Barker and fed up with MySpace?