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>Reverend Ramsey and Brian sent us a provocative care package to help us cope with the 10:00 PM closing times and Mormon sensibilities. With such a gesture as that, I’ll be practicing what Rev. Ramsey preaches for a long time.

Turns out, going to bed around midnight is perfectly reasonable — who knew? — and we made the most of the long, sunny days. For instance, it is 8:30 in the morning and I’ve already been awake for an hour making coffee, watching the news and planning our day. Today consists of horseback riding, alpine sledding, tram riding, ATV driving, packing, checking out and trekking to downtown Salt Lake City.

It is simply gorgeous and tranquil here at the Cliff Lodge & Spa. Save for a few bumps like the games in the gameroom all being screwed up in some form or fashion (we should be outside or romancing anyway) and one large group of kids experiencing an “Amazing Race” day (avoid them by going to the members/adults only pool on the 10th floor rooftop), it has been perfect. Capital “P” Perfect! The people are freakishly nice. They’re all Ned Flanders or his relative and so docile I almost feel bad every time I do the NYC elbow throw if they don’t move out of the way fast enough. Oh, and every day? Sunny and warm. Every. Single. Day. I guess I just thought it would be cold and damp or, I don’t know, really. Just not this perfect all the time. The Mormons must know what they’re doing.

Facials are exquisite! I must get rich and get them every week.