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>We caught the 10:30 screening of The Illusionist last night. It was okay. I’m not a big Edward Norton fan but I love me some Paul Giamatti who did not disappoint in this role. I loved the cinematography and costume design and didn’t hate anything about it but wasn’t excited by it either. I saw the ending a mile away and was dumbfounded when reading the reviews today that anyone was surprised at the end. HUH? It’s called The Illusionist.

Scott once told me how he used to organize a regular salon in Dallas that would meet to discuss art, current events, you name it and how he missed having the discussion group. I like his idea of talented, smart people gathering for a specific item of business. Not long ago, I was a member of specifically for the NYC PR group. I never met up and couldn’t ever get a group to do so. The buffer of internet anonymity makes people not show up when they say they will.

In organizing my upcoming focus group, I have gotten buzzed with excitement. I look forward to sharing a creative project and generating ideas and am really keen on having them meet each other. There are tv show writers, graphic/web designers, advertising execs, public relations gurus, producers and comedy fans. All of them are talented and friendly and have many feathers in their caps. I’m not sure if 10 is the right number for a group like this but I’d rather have too many than too few. Perhaps down the road I’ll have another big project where I can justify the expense of springing for everyone’s drinks. Meanwhile, I might encourage Scott to bring back his salon. I’d go.