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>I had a lovely, long brunch with Caroline Waxler. She now works in development with Joan Rivers and TV Guide and has a million great things going on. She & Norman of Best Week Ever, where Caroline used to be a contributing writer, will be producing a show on October 15th. If it goes well, might make a regular thing out of it. I’ll post more details once they’re made known.

While we meandered around the West Village a little boy was running along side us while his mother firmly called his name “James! James!” He finally stopped and turned looking up at me with the biggest blue eyes, mouth agape. I said in my sweet oooohhh you’re gonna get in trouble voice, “Uh oh, you better stop.” His mom kept her back to us and quickly crouched down to take his hand and scolded him for running ahead.

I quietly mentioned to Caroline, “That was Sarah Jessica Parker.”

Caroline looked back and confirmed my eagle eye. “Wow, you’re good.”

“Well, the sad thing is there’s no reason I should know him since he’s only a child and hasn’t done anything but I recogized him.”

“Yeah, that’s weird.”

The kid has been photographed so many times that I almost immediately knew who he was when we shared our moment. When I saw the flash of long curly locks of his mother, my suspicion was confirmed. Creepy, right? What a strange way to grow up but from all the encounters I and my friends have had with the Parkericks over the years, they seem very nice and grounded.

FYI: Matthew Broderick is still sporting a sling.