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>Josh Blue was really great on Sirius’s Out Q Show with Larry Flick & Texan native and funny guy Keith Price. As I mentioned in my last post, Josh was on promoting his upcoming performances at Comix. Josh is a super nice and funny guy and Larry & Keith are big fans of his as well. Being Sirius, the show was uncensored so the talk was very candid. Larry, I dare say, was flirting with Josh who, if you don’t know, has Cerebral Palsy of which he cracks many jokes during his stand up show. As a result of his CP, his right arm is a bit wonky or as he says, “Good Josh, bad arm.” So Larry commented on Josh’s cuteness and Josh came back with a line to which Larry replied, “We’ll see how that right arm really works!” Josh quickly retorted, “You wouldn’t like it. {Beat} I’ve tried.” Hilarious!

Anyhoo, Josh is in town through Sunday night. There are tickets available and Comix is a GORGEOUS night club. Reserve tickets with the code “BLUE” and save 25%.

Partying at the Friar’s Club tonight. Seems oxymoronic to me, but we’ll see.