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>The Friar’s Club was a bunch of fun. It was a private event so I’m guessing the younger demographic helped liven the place a little. The enormous amount of talented friends in the room was staggering. My friend Cole Kazdin and I couldn’t help but be bewildered how we all have risen through various ranks and managed to maintain strong friendships despite the competitive nature of the entertainment industry.

Interesting note, there was no ladies room. Even though their website says this is their new location, it can’t be all that new if they still haven’t accommodated chicks.

I’ll be at Comix tonight for the 8:00 show. I’m expecting Keith Price from the OUT Q show who will be interviewing audience members. Josh Blue headlines and Rachel Feinstein & Pete Dominick host and feature. I’ll be hanging in the bar afterwards, too, if you want to swing by and see the new space or get interviewed for Sirius radio.