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>Blogger has been a creep so I’m behind on my news. Let’s see…

I think Bob Barker is going to retire after this season. It’s year 35 (<&#$@%"!) and they're really playing that up. Some days I worry about him, others I don't. The Bridge is riveting and horrifying and provocative. I first heard of it during a trip to Opie & Anthony. I half heard most of the conversation until The Bridge was discussed. It captured my interest immediately and, of course, Christian being in San Francisco at the Punchline the same weekend as Jim Norton is at Cobb’s only solidified my curiosity and fascination. Jim was tremendously apologetic for not recognizing Christian during a radio spot yesterday morning. I say no apology necessary if the reason you can’t recognize someone is because they’ve lost 70-plus pounds. I’ll see Jim on Wednesday when I accompany Danny Bonaduce to the O&A show to promote Hot Comix and will be sure to act offended.

Christian’s CD “Two For Flinching” drops in a matter of days. I’m exhausted and inattentive to the whole thing and so just feel incredibly guilty that I’m not making it a bigger deal. He’s celebrating by performing at Mo Pitkins on Monday, so if you’re in or near NYC come on by to help relieve my guilt and eliminate his angst. It’s only $6.00 and he’ll be hanging out afterwards to sign copies of his CD.

See you Monday and/or Thursday, I hope!