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>Yesterday was jam packed with good times. I had a fantastic lunch with my best pal Scott before we caught an afternoon performance of Gutenberg the Musical at the neat theatrical space 59E59. It’s a clever musical with all characters performed by just two guys. Even when the storyline or writing was weak, it was still fun to watch them transform into each different persona. Their high energy was astounding especially considering how tired and hungover I felt.

After the show we met Christian at the PATH station to head to Hoboken for two separate parties only a few blocks from each other. Both spaces are technically apartments but they are owned by our friends, so I guess that makes them condos. The layouts of each space were very similar and had such a big, open feel to them that Christian and I started wondering about prices and square footage. We’re not ready to move or own, but there is an ever so slight urge on our parts to start looking and planning. I will say, though, I have never seen so many absolutely disgustingly DRUNK people all gathered in one public space as I did at the PATH stations in NJ and at the 34th Street stop in Manhattan. That and the weird cab rules alone would make me re-think the whole move to Jersey. I work late nights at Comix, I couldn’t afford or justify the high price of cabbing home every night but Lord I wouldn’t want to deal with those types of people every time I needed to take the train home. My Jersey friends: was this an anomaly?

Sticking to Astoria for now.