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>Caroline Rhea had to cancel on Tuesday but the crowd wasn’t disappointed as Louis CK AND Colin Quinn filled in. Excellent!

Then there was our holiday party. Louis, Dave Attel, Judah Friedlander, Tom Shillue the super skinny Poppi Kramer and so many more great comedians were there milling about, enjoying the amazing buffet dinner and open bar. There were a few scandalous gossip items the next morning but nothing I can repeat. And our kitchen staff looked like zombies! Hilarious! I’m glad they enjoyed themselves as much as they did.

Among the radio I have set up for Robert Wuhl today is an in studio appearance on Judith Regan’s Sirius radio show. I can’t wait! For those not up to speed on the latest with Judith, she’s the one who almost got the scandalous O.J. “If I Did It” book published and who was recently axed by Rubert Murdoch & Co. Look for a piece on Robert in tomorrow’s Metro, too.
Save $10 on any of Robert’s three stagings of “Assume the Position” at Comix by using the code “RWSPACE”.

Christian & I will be in the audience Friday night if y’all want to join us.