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>Here’s a great section on Paying it foward. And here’s a great “daily om” courtesy of Tigger that talks about holiday blues and not forcing yourself to engage in rituals that make you miserable. That’s exactly what I said! So I’m glad I’m right on track by sticking to NYC, donating my travel money to charity (Sanctuary for Families) and having a genuine Christmas morning experience. We’re even baking a turkey and making my mom’s holiday staple Watergate Salad. We have presents under our “tree” and stockings hung on our “mantle”. The only wrench was a very, very last minute cancellation that threatens to ruin my big gift to Christian. I’m pretty astounded at how someone could wait till the last possible minute to cancel knowing that time and money were invested but I’m not deterred. There’s still tomorrow and Sunday to make up for it.

Christian and I are off to see Robert tonight in “Assume the Position” at Comix. Supposedly Bob Costas is going to be there, too. Ballyhoo Promotions gave out free tickets to tonight and tomorrow’s shows. Sign up for the newsletter if you want in on stuff like that.

Happy Friday before Christmas, y’all!