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>I spent this windy cold day with Scott aka Rev. Ramsey. (How long do I keep referencing him like that? I say this is the last time.) We had an amazing brunch and conversation that made me not want to leave him so I ran errands with him around the City. His new headshots are positively gorgeous and he has his new website design underway. I’m so proud and excited for my friend taking more steps toward what I think will be a long acting and singing career.

Before heading in to the City today, I said goodbye to Christian (Finnegan, duh!) who loaded in to his new Kia for Comedy Central’s “Two For Flinching College Tour“! You can catch him at NYU at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts this Thursday, January 25th for the official kick off. I’ll be there, too, so say hello if you see me.

On Friday Night Standup this Friday, January 26th, Comedy Central will air his tour promotions between commercials. Be sure to tune in or check out Christian’s blog. He’ll be posting a few over the next week.