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>Last night’s “Fresh Meat” at Comix was outstanding. I have never seen Jonathan Ames before and, wow, I just can’t stop thinking about him and his shamefully hilarious tale of molestation. I’m going to have our tech guy get me a copy so I can watch it again and again as a shining example of how even the most sensitive material can be riotously funny. A lesson for me if and when I ever work on Love, Daddy. Apparently he’ll be hosting his own show at Mo Pitkins. I imagine I will be there many times, front row & center. For pictures from last night check out this Fresh Meat Flickr set from Brian Van.

I had to bail on seeing Judy Gold’s show with Greg & Molly tonight. I’m terribly disappointed but am happy I was able to give them free tickets. I’m not sure how long I can work like this. It’s all wonderful stuff, of course, but good God I think I might collapse and/or have a heart attack. My phone rings at 6:30 AM and urgent emails and texts come in all day and night.

Why is this week more jam packed? Kim Coles & John Henton are in town and I have them booked on many radio and TV spots and phoners. If you’re fans –I know a few of you absolutely are–you can listen to them live tomorrow morning on KISS FM at 7:30 AM and Kim on Hot 97 at 8:30 AM. Later in the afternoon they’ll be on Sirius stations. Kim will be on The Radiochick on 92.3 Friday at 4:00 PM. Or catch them both *early* Friday morning on CW11’s morning show at 6:45 AM. Gulp. Ick.


Call Comix at 212.524.2500 for tickets to their shows this weekend and save $5.00 with the promo code “KCJHWEB”.