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>Well I did say it was a big week ahead. Richard Lewis had sold out shows and lots of VIPs sprinkling the crowd. Richard is such a professional and dream to work with. I hope he’ll be back soon. That said…I’m freaking exhausted! It is a TAXING process to get 320 people out of a showroom and into the same area where 320 people are waiting to get in. I don’t know how our managers and wait staff handle the pressure so often. Oy. I’m beat.

But no rest for the wicked…I have about 130 RSVPs for my annual Oscar party which is tonight at Comix. Not bad for a last minute decision! If it all goes well tonight then next year, assuming I’m still doing PR for Comix, I will be able to plan further in advance and pack the showroom and get a celebrity host. If you want to drop by tonight, please RSVP to me at my email below.

Time to make the ballots.