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>I’m going to organize GAYME NIGHT where me & Christian play games with all my gay friends including the new game Pervartistry. I can’t think of any group better to play it with. I mean, really, if I have to draw “Dirty Sanchez” or Christian has to act out a “Rusty Trombone”…well, I smell good times brewing and mental pictures to last a lifetime.

I gave out a few Pervartistry games during the Oscars and it was a hit. (Speaking of the Oscar party, check out our red carpet pic. Next year I’m hiring a real photographer to take real red carpet pictures.) Plus, I met the creator of the game and she’s just a doll so I want to learn the game and help sell the hell out of it!

Last night, after I overheard the gangsta talking about peeing sitting down, I dashed into the deli where my regular guy could hardly even LOOK at me because he was so riveted by the television. Curious as to why he was abnormally disconnected from chatting with me, I looked to see what was on the tube. Ice skating. Pairs. Maybe I should invite him to GAYME NIGHT.

Okay, back to PR (sorry and of course). Busy, early day ahead tomorrow morning with Chuck Nice on the CW 11 and Arj Barker on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet. Both should get plugs for their Comix dates so cross your fingers and come see a show!