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>Zodiac was a really well made and well acted movie with no real point. Robert Downey, Jr. & Jake Gyllenhaal are terrific but two hours and 40 minutes is a lot to devote to something that is completely unresolved. It could be worse. I could be one of the victims’ family members or detectives. There was a small role played by June of Casey & June (“Rode Hard and Put Away Wet”) and I recognized her instantly from just a quick flash of her profile. I’m surprised there’s been no buzz on the comedy forums and blogs.

Enjoy this very short bit of Christian on The Today Show from a few weeks back. Clips from his appearance on Mike & Juliet and our performance on the last Fresh Meat are forthcoming. Speaking of Fresh Meat, have you heard that Page Six’s Paula Froelich is going to perform? She is! We’re psyched. Finally, there are lots of discounts and free ticket offers in this week’s Latest Ballyhoo.