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>Craig Ferguson is headlining this weekend at Comix and it’s Tartan Week so lots of Scots will be in the audience as a result. That could be fun for the wait staff trying to take orders quietly while trying to decipher that crazy accent.

Craig should be a great show. He hosted a gala last July in Montreal for the Just For Laughs Festival on which Christian performed and the audience loved him. He definitely didn’t “phone it in”. His assistant arrives tonight to check out the club in advance since he gets in too late tomorrow to do it himself. I assured her they’ll be blown away by Comix — they always are. Having been on the road with Christian, I know the sh*thole spaces and icky food comedians endure so Comix is always a refreshing change.

Speaking of the road, Christian’s tour wraps up at the end of this month so we’ll be back to doing big club dates. I’m looking forward to it — especially Columbus and Austin, two cities I haven’t revisited in years. I’ve already begun putting the word out to old friends — some of whom I haven’t seen since high school — so I can get back out and enjoy myself outside of Comix.