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>I love it! Rachel did a little live blogging of the Spiderman premiere from our neighborhood Starbucks last night. I saw a Spiderman holding a stuffed version of himself getting on the subway as I was exiting but sadly didn’t think to grab a photo. Then I watched Heroes and I was all super powered out.

Speaking of Heroes, Christian (heh) performed his last Comedy Central “Two For Flinching” tour date last night. Greg Giraldo and Nick Thune rounded out the final lineup and they all come back home today. Finally! But now when asked what’s going on with Christian, we aren’t sure what to say. We’re working on some things which very recently included him signing a new manager.

It was a tough process of interviewing, mulling options and ultimately deciding. More than once we remarked at just how Entourage-y the whole thing felt. (That show, despite being nothing more than candy for the brain, really does have the whole Hollywood business thing down to a T.) But it is done and an official announcement will be made soon.