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>We’re in Columbus and it smells so clean and woodsy. I don’t remember it being so lush but from the air you’d think it was the jungle. It is weird being back in a place I lived as a single, debaucherous woman, bored, drinking too much and wasting two solid years of my life. I hate to say I ever regret anything — getting married at 17, getting divorced, not pursuing this or that — because it all is on the path that led me to my life in NYC. BUT…Columbus was a waste of two great years.

So now I’m back infinitely more wise, happy and successful and it feels strange but good to know that I wrested myself free of the golden handcuffs that kept me here, threw caution to the wind and took a stab at making it in New York. Whew. Thank GOD that worked out.

The Dispatch ran this interview with Christian to promote his shows at the Funny Bone and this morning he hit three radio stations. Tomorrow he hits three more including WNCI for which my friend Dave used to be a producer. Dave is now in Minnesota running a different radio station but all his old friends are still at WNCI so he refreshed my memory on his old morning crew. Nothing has changed for them. Strange. Like Dave, most of my old friends here have moved away but there are a few still here I hope to see so they can remind me of some of the STUPID stuff I did. Shudder.