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>For the longest time I’ve had three iPods, none of which were used: an old, original 10GB one, a Nano and a new 30GB one that Comedy Central gave Christian as part of the college tour. For reasons too boring and annoying to relate, I couldn’t use them. But today, thanks to the magic of SharePod and the time and determination a 3-day weekend can grant, I have regained the use of my old one, restored the music wiped out from my Nano and laptop and broke the seal on the new one. FYI for Mac users, senuti is the program you would need if you ever “lose” your music. Savior!

Even though it took a while and nearly made me have a breakdown, it got done and I still managed to sleep in, read the papers with my morning coffee, join the new gym that finally opened after my old one shut down, get in a nice workout, grocery shop, make tuna salad and it’s not even 6:00!

Time for some R&R, I’d say!