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First off, you all are just awesome and creative and hilarious, too. I said this in my comment but it stands to be said again and again. You guys ROCK!

So, yeah, yesterday there was a tornado in Brooklyn and some crazy flooding in the subways as every New Yorker already knows. I just walked to Queensboro Plaza and hopped on the 7 train, no sweat. Okay, a lot of sweat, but no problemo. I was tempted to walk over the bridge so I could add “flood” to my list of reasons (9/11 and blackout)I walked to/from the City but I had a meeting to get to. Getting home after’s 8th anniversary party was a bit of a buzz kill, though. I should have just hopped in a cab, which I eventually did do, especially at the late hour. Ding dong cheapskate took over for a spell. I gotta stop doing that: trying to save a buck when it’s super late at night and/or I know there’s potential bad subway business.

Tomorrow marks the last day of a nutso busy week. I’m looking forward to the weekend and getting back to writing the “Silent but Deadly” proposal. Oh, man, Kirsten, that’s a winner!

I wish I had thought of that one.