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>I used a neti pot for the first time tonight. Disaster! I clearly did something wrong as my ears are plugged, I’m completely congested and the back of my nose and throat feel like they’re on fire. And I didn’t start out that way at all. I’ll try it again tomorrow as I’ve only heard good things and am really sick of always sounding sick with a cold. Maybe I just need surgery.

Friday’s show was awesome and I rocked it. Afterwards, Tom Shillue said he was going to recommend me to producers for a couple of shows that I have thought myself perfect for but didn’t think would want little old me. Woo! Very nice of him even if nothing comes of it. I admire him so much that his compliments mean enough.

This Friday will be the LAST Family Hour on a Friday night (we move to Thursdays at 7:30). I’ll be continuing on the same story thread with Part IV which I think will mark the end of this current line of writing about my a$$hole brother. Christian is done traveling for a couple of weeks and will come out to watch me. Hopefully I won’t stink it up. The last time he came to watch me read a new piece, I was so conscious of it I could hardly breathe. He’s read the last three monologues I’ve written and has been so effusive with his encouragement and generous with his patience and time that I can’t thank him enough. Having a third great reading and such a supportive husband re-energized me to focus on my writing. So I cracked open the old proposal and have been tweaking some things. I even had a little breakthrough. I owe Chapter One to my agent and had been procrastinating for a while now because I simply had no clue where to start. I’ve got it now and I can’t wait to finish it.

I’ve got to invest in a word processor or cheap laptop so I can get out to write. I find myself sitting in my apartment, playing with the animals, browsing the net for NOTHING, commenting on comedy sites, checking my email 5,000 times, etc. I want to get a really light piece of machinery to take somewhere without wi-fi and just write. Christian’s birthday is coming up and he’s been considering a new laptop as a gift to himself. If so, I think I’ll take his old MAC and strip it of all time gobbling programs…because, you know, self restraint is imfu*kingpossible.

I am getting him a Playstation 3 because we are grown ups and can’t play all the awesome new video games.