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>While at the deli I gave in to temptation and bought a two-pack of my favorite chocolate covered Entenmann’s donuts. I felt guilty as I examined the nutritional facts but tore into the package anyway. They were both covered in mold. But damn it they still smelled so good!

Now I could say it was the universe helping me make the right decision and not start out my day on the wrong note, but truthfully I had hedged my bets. I saw they had expired a few days ago but figured most expiration dates can be fudged a little. Not so. Especially when they live in an un-air conditioned deli. Which is worse? Starting out the day by eating 500 calories of fat-laden sugary goodness when you’re trying to eat healthier? Or excitedly ripping into a package anticipating dark chocolately goodness only to be let down?

I ate the last of Christian’s Lean Pockets instead. Not nearly as satisfying.