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>Christian had an all day press junket that I arranged for him in Philly yesterday. One station put the interview online, so I listened in and heard him talking about me and my book. (Fast forward to 8:26 for that.) There’s just nothing really tangible to plug yet, but it’s still awesome of him to mention it.

By the end of the day, Christian was feeling sick. Lack of sleep and all that talking will do that. But no rest for the weary, he got up early and just left for Tampa. Hopefully he’ll get some R&R over the next few days and be in top notch shape for his taping. Which, speaking of, there are no more tickets available for the first show. You can still reserve a spot for the 10:00, though.

Yesterday was a blur with preparations for The Hysterical Festival kick off. It’s off to a great start with plenty of other amazing shows on the bill.

I’m on one more festival show Saturday night in Ochi’s Lounge. Come on down and celebrate all things fierce, funny & female.