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>If you thought taping two shows in a 600 seat theater in Philadelphia on a windy, rainy night while the Phillies are playing in the World Series was bad timing, you’d be WRONG. Neither of those things mattered as fans lined the street around the corner waiting to see Christian tape his first one hour special. Between the director, audience coordinator and two managers from the Trocadero, I happily stepped aside and enjoyed the show as any other audience member. We even had a few friends and family show up for both shows so there were familiar faces in the crowd. It was fun to see the big swing camera swoop down next to Scott “Reverend” Ramsey‘s head…a big old smile plastered on his face.

Afterwards, we laughed and marveled at where our lives are now compared to when we met at 15 years old in Texas. My, how things have changed. We watched the rest of the Phillies game and partied with the crew upstairs at the Troc till 3:00 in the morning. Christian & I still managed to take an early train to Penn Station and, luggage and all, went to an open house. We figured if we’re going to be in Manhattan on a Sunday, we might as well try to make use of it.

We liked the place we saw enough to put a bid on it this morning. In the description of the co-op board restrictions, it says “parents buying for kids okay.” Heh. We wish. I can’t imagine getting that kind of “gift” from a parent. BUT I can’t imagine wanting it, because receiving such a huge sum makes you indebted. Fu*k that. It’s like planning a wedding. Once you receive parents’ money to pay for the ceremony, they suddenly feel entitled to have input on how it should be conducted, who is invited, etc. Our wedding was such a perfect, fun party, and blissfully stress free. Just the way we envisioned it. Now that we’re in real estate mode, I’m sure the stress will be tremendous, but there is a sense of pride knowing we’re doing it all on our own. Our hard work and diligent saving with minimal spending has paid off. We might not get the exact things we want in an apartment, but it will be ours 100%. That’s pretty satisfying.

But if Christian’s Dad suddenly won the lottery and wanted to give us the 20% down payment you bet your biscuits we’d take it. Do parents ever get paid back?