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Jul 30, 2002

Extreme weather conditions have a way of uniting New Yorkers. There’s nothing like thunder, lightening and raindrops the size of Jupiter to make you just laugh and say “You got me!” There’s no sense in pretending you’re a cool urban dweller when you’re busy trying to outrun a pending storm, dodging puddles and hoping a speeding taxi doesn’t splash you with infested street water.

Today it was the heat, extreme humidity and the smells that could penetrate Ft. Knox. We unlucky travelers on the N Train found ourselves without A/C in at least three consecutive cars in both directions. Finally surrendering to the circumstances, we all became allies. Moaning, grunting, complaining, joking, even laughing as equals.

Just look into everybody’s eyes and there’s a sense of camaraderie; a mutual understanding that says: “I feel your pain. Now get outta my way!”