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Aug 2, 2002

Remember my June 26th post about the whole breast-feeding movement? Well, I’m not sure what to make of this. What in the Sam Hill is all the fuss? Books, organizations, world records…I’m apparently oblivious to a key demographic in this country!

Wednesday night I got another *free* Broadway ticket. I love it! This time it was to see the new cast of “Noises Off” with Jane Curtin and free because they needed a packed house on reviewer night. I just saw this show a few months ago when it first opened with Peter Gallagher and Patti LuPone. I’ve also seen two amateur versions of it and was also the character “Brooke Ashton/Vicki” in Ohio. Needless to say, I know this play too well–backwards & forwards, inside & out; so I found the cuts and rewrites to be a bit annoying. Most were minor and inconsequential (so why do them?), but some of them really fell flat. Ms. Curtain was great as was most of the cast, so I have to believe these changes were the cause of some dud bits rather than the talents of the actors. I wonder if the reviewers know the script well enough that they’ll comment on this. We shall see.