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Aug 4, 2002

Coney Island is synonymous with freak show. They could just charge admission as soon as you step out of the subway car because that’s when the entertainment really begins. Step right up for an abundance of anomolies to delight and amaze the curious! I was repulsed and mesmerized simultaneously at the glimpses of open wounds, piercings gone wrong, exposed gluttonous flesh, dental nightmares and bad genes reproduced at alarming rates. I winced, flinched, shivered, and shuddered; I was petrified and horrified and I never even made it to the Circus Sideshow. It seemed redundant.

Walking home from the subway yesterday with Marc and Adam, I passed a raw chicken leg on the sidewalk. A fat, pink meaty portion melting to the concrete. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what had happened to the wing not so long ago.