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Aug 19, 2002

How many crops of wild oats can one person sow before they run out of seeds? I’m rounding out the eighth year of being a divorcee with no sights set in mind for changing my tax status. I’m just bad at planting crops. I’m a city girl not a farmer. I enjoyed a weekend of fun and friends, some new and some old, and the conversation came up about marriage and children. I’m not so opposed to long term, monogamous relationships, but babies just don’t interest me.

I know, never say never, but I just don’t want to carry all that stuff. Their accessories are too bulky and they take way too long to train. Can’t they be streamlined to require only one toy and a snack? How long is it before science or evolution will pop them out of a pouch capable of making mommy a drink and fetching her pearls? When that happens…well, now you’re talking!