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Aug 20, 2002

Watching a free outdoor screening of “Bye, Bye Birdie” at the lovely Bryant Park, I couldn’t help but compare our pre-movie game of Uno to the battles George Washington and his troops once fought there against the Brits in 1776. The scheming and plotting, the small victories and defeats along the way surely rivaled those of our forefathers. The park was also once a potter’s field but now it is the NY Library’s books that reside six feet under….hmmm…what happened to those dead paupers’ corpses? Anyway, back to George and his men. Because of them, strangers and friends in the thousands gathered freely and peacefully to watch a giant sized Jesse Pearson bump and grind in an embarrassingly revealing gold lame’ jumpsuit. Surely Jesse fired his agent after that fiasco. Egads!

Job Security
If I were hunched over my desk babbling incoherently and drooling on myself I would either be fired for drug use or sued for sexual harassment depending on your sight lines and how you look at it. Either way, I’d be out of a job. Lucky for him, there is no provision in Church law to remove a Pope who works this way. I need a new career! And while I’m thinking of it, how ’bout one of those bullet-proof-glass-mobiles? Those are pretty nifty.